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We tailor your investment strategy to your needs.  The investment committee steers the KFP asset allocation recommendations, while each portfolio is custom built around your goals.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is key. Studies show that alone it explains between 40-90% of return variability.

We favour a globally diversified portfolio, across traditional and non-traditional asset classes.


Our Investment Committee reviews the strategic asset allocation monthly. To safeguard our members’ portfolios we make tactical decisions based on changing political and economic conditions.


We work with one asset allocation process, ensuring all our members’ portfolios are consistent with our central view.

  • Global Equities

  • Global Bonds

  • Private Equity

  • Cash

  • Real Estate

Chart: Key Family Partners asset classes, example weights.

*Setting the Record Straight on Asset Allocation, CFA 2012.

Your Relationships

Your banking relationships need not change. We work together with any custodian of your choice, and below are a few that we work with.  If you are considering a new banking relation, we can advise and introduce the best for your needs.

Private Investments

Through our network we see and consider a wide range of private investments. From direct private equity stakes in venture, through to growth equities, physical real estate, private equity funds and club deals.

  • Public

  • Private

Private Equity has outperformed Public Equity since 2007.


Of course some of this return is compensation for the illiquid nature of this asset class.  This is why we opt for a balanced approach, across deal category and liquidity.


We work with our clients to find the optimal balance based on their needs.

Chart Key: Private Equity is the Cambridge Associates US PE Index.  Public Equity is the S&P 500 Total Return Index.

Navigating The Future

The fall in global interest rates, over the last 30 years, has seen valuations reaching extreme levels and a flood of money into passive investing.  What is certain is that the future will be different.

Active Investing

The wave of passive investing has been unprecendented, and we believe that in a low-growth world the tide of monetary stimulus will not be sufficient to lift valuations and meet investors’ future return expectations.  We oversee our members’ portfolios from equities and credit to private investments.

Global Themes

The current disruptions accelerated by technology and geopolitics, are seeing winners and losers emerge as every sector grapples with disruption in technology, climate change, de-globalisation, ageing demographics, and changing consumer preferences.  Investors must consider what themes will evolve and flourish.  We help families access some of the major themes in the world today, and build portfolios geared towards this evolution.

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